Friday, January 20, 2006

New at WV Hot Dog Blog

If you haven't looked at the WV Hot Dog Blog in a while, there's new content and photos!

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John said...

I didn't know West Virginia was famous for hot dogs, either. However, with that hot dog, chili, slaw, bun and fries, why bother with a Diet Coke? You would be better off, healthwise, with a little "white lightning". That's something West Virginia used to be famous for, and can sometimes still (no pun intended) be found.

I shouldn't say how, but my father came into possession of a Mason jar of white lightning many years ago. None of us even attempted to taste it. After picking up the jar in the fridge and realizing that it was actually filled with a liquid (it was so pure that it was perfectly clear and perfectly filtered), none of us dared try it. We knew it was pure evil. Funny thing is, I'm not sure whatever happened to that jar of pure evil ...