Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More Wing

This is very much like another shot I posted last week, but I like this one because of the river.


DaveG said...

I see you're a window seat guy too. I always want the window seat, although I sometimes hate it on long flights that have a movie. I always feel guilty if I have to disturb the middle and aisle seats during the movie to answer nature's vindictive response to coffee ingestion.

Rick Lee said...

Yeah, they gave me an aisle seat and I thought that was good because it was a small communter jet and I figured I'd need to stretch my leg out in the aisle from time to time... but as soon as the jet got moving I immediately wanted to look out at the airport environment. It was a really, really clear day just before sunset so the light was incredible... I just started shooting and didn't stop until we got to Chicago.