Friday, January 20, 2006

Dip in the Sun

At the Dollar General store, a narrow shaft of sunlight came through the window and made a little magic with the Fritos dip.


Buffy said...

When I visit my grandparents (I do this once a year) in Iaeger, WV, the DS is a highlight of my trip. Partly because theres nothing else in Iaeger (The Dollar Store's not even in it sits on the edge)...Mostly because you can get things you dont see and you'd never buy anywhere else....for a good old fashioned dollar (or two). I think I bought a fan, a few blankets, an egg crate, lots of bread and a pack of cinnamon swirls the last time I was there. The Dollar Store, the Diary Queen, and the 52 Market are the highlights of my trip. Theres little else....cept Pa and his stories......and curious townfolk.

Rick Lee said...

I once went to Panther, WV and I was afraid I'd fall off the edge of the earth I'd gone so far into the middle of nowhere. I think Iaeger might just be a bit farther still. Depends on which way you go I suppose.

There's a Dollar General store across the street from my studio. (There's a Family Dollar down the street a mile or so... the chains are very similar) I'm totally fascinated with the Dollar General... the stuff you can find in there for a buck or two. It's not all crap at all. It makes Wal-Mart look high-falutin.

Buffy said...

One of my most abiding memories, since Ive grown up and moved away and realised just how different life in that part of the world a mass baptism I saw in the Panther (I think its the Big Sandy River or the Tug or something...I just always call it 'The Panther' because its in that neck of the woods) when I was a kid. My cousin and I snuck (is that a word?) through the wood and watched a whole church load get drowned by their preacher.

Talk about something out of O Brother Where Art Thou..... he's gettin' his face washed down in the Panther...thats where he's at.