Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gilt Complex

I'm finally getting around to doing some photography of the new gilding on the West Virginia Capitol dome. It really is quite spectacular. Here it is seen lit by the setting sun. Thanks to Cass Gilbert for the view. Here are some previous shots.


kenju said...

WOW, I sure never saw it from that angle or that close up before. It looks beautiful!

DaveG said...

I had trouble getting past the atrocious "Gilt Complex" pun.


Rick Lee said...

>>the atrocious "Gilt Complex" pun. <<

I can't help myself.

Bob Coffield said...

Great shots Rick. I always enjoy looking across the river or driving by the capitol on the interstate and get it see the dome in so many different lights, seasons, etc.

I posted some photos of the capitol late last year and some info about the new dome -- here, here and here. While writing the posts I was surprised to see that the state website, City of Charleston or the Chamber had not added new photos of the dome to their respective websites.