Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Venice, Part 3

I have so many photos from the Italy trip to post. I need to go through more and get them up here.

Below: At high tide water will actually come up into St Mark's Square. They have portable elevated sidewalks that they can bring out to help you get around. 

Below: To remind you that this is a real city and not Disneyworld, the graffiti cretins will draw on a 500 year old bridge. 

Below: They really do use canals instead of streets. It's not just for tourists. Here is a "truck" delivering bottled water and restaurant supplies. 


Judy (kenju) said...

I was amazed by the amount of graffiti in Italy. Great photos!

D. B. Light said...

Such lovely shots! Your choice to go black and white is interesting -- especially when depicting such a colorful place. I like it!