Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Let's go see the pope!

Well, we're in Rome... might as well... even though it means getting up early to go to the Vatican. 
 Black and magenta... very stylish... it is Italy after all.

 Is that the pope?? Is he coming?
 No, relax.
 Is that him?
 No, it's not.

 Waiting, waiting.
 It's the pope, in the pope-mobile!

 Here he is... wow, we're close.

 I've gotta say, nice head of hair for a man his age.
 Can't understand a word... and speaking of stylish Italians, check out the guy with the shades.
 This guy below is doing the English portion, but it's all "we'd like to welcome the students from the Saint (insert name here) School of Boston"... and the kids cheer and the pope waves at them.
 OK, it's over.

 The place clears out remarkably fast... and then we get the scariest cab ride back to town that you could ever imagine.


Judy (kenju) said...

Very good photos!! I'd say he needs a haircut.

I loved those trees that you can see over the top of the building in your photo. They were all over Rome, and they were so sculptural.

How did you get from Florence to Rome? Did you take the train?

Rick Lee said...

Oh yeah, those funny looking tall trees you see everywhere in Rome. What the heck are those? We took the train to Rome. I thought it would be super beautiful to go through Tuscany but in October all the fields were just plowed brown dirt. It was still pretty neat to see castles and monasteries, etc on the hills.

D. B. Light said...

Rick, if you want a really, really scary cab ride, go to India -- The drivers in Benares are particularly bad. I was told that it is because each and every one of them believes he is immortal and trusts to destiny.

Ysabelle said...

Nice photography! everyone looks lots of fun and blessed!

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K T Cat said...

You lucky dog! We went to Rome in June and didn't get a chance to see His Holiness. Had an awesome time, though. If you get a chance, see the Basilica of Maria Maggiore. Unbelievably beautiful. Spectacularly talented artisans built it about 450 years ago just for you. Seriously, you can feel the love for succeeding generations in every piece of art and every stone.

The statue of the kneeling pope in that basilica is not to be missed.