Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Location With Rick Lee... really

Sorry for light blogging last week. It was a crazy week... working late into the wee hours of the morning and trying to sleep in the day.

When I named this blog, I thought I'd be sharing a lot more photos like this. It turned out that proprietary concerns prevented me from doing much of that. I have permission to share these photos from a very sophisticated film shoot. This is the new RAZE spot which is designed to help prevent teen smoking. Most of the shooting was on the street in Huntington at night.... waaay into the night. The talent are middle-school and high-school kids from around the state. My job is to shoot stills which will be used for print.

These are "green screen" shots where the people will be digitally placed in other settings.

Breaking glass and throwing it from buildings... safety procedures were very strict.

This passageway was spooky even before the smoke and lighting.

Rain machine! It rained for real later in the night... it's nice to be able to turn it on and off when you feel like it.

Stunt double! She was incredible.


HollDoll said...

Wow! The photo of the glass breaking is incredible. All these are so interesting. Now I am really curious to see these spots. Where was the fancy photo taken (with Persian rugs and ornate fireplace)?

b13 said...

Huntington LI? If so, you were in my neck of the woods :^)

Rick Lee said...

No b13, Huntington WV. My neck of the woods. Even though I live in Charleston I work in Huntington just as much.

Holly, that's the Frederick Building. You may have seen that room in We Are Marshall.

KBax said...

I worked in the art department on film sets over the past two summers - testing out my dream job. It was awesome, but I discovered I'd rather be the set stills photographer; not for the "official" print stuff, but for the documentation of the process, much like the photos you're sharing with us.

Being so fascinated by it all, I took so many pictures that I think I could've qualified! Some of my posts come up if you search 'film set' on my blog.

Rick Lee said...

So Kerri, you going to do more of that? I've seen the art dept guys doing some really interesting things... like getting up on ladders and wiring silk leaves onto trees in the winter.

Rebecca Burch said...

Fascinating! I love "behind the scenes" shots. And ditto on the breaking glass photo -- amazing!

I am excited to see these spots! When will they air?

Anonymous said...

Any West Virginians on the crew besides you?

Rick Lee said...

Dear 6p01156fe3f893970c: