Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Phillips Collection

I'm in Washington,DC. I've never been to the Phillips Collection Museum before, though I think I've heard of it. It turns out it's right across the street from my hotel on Embassy Row so I strolled over there this morning to have a look. I'm sure glad I did. They have a wonderful collection of Impressionist and later paintings, and right now there's a large special exhibit called "Impressionists by the Sea" which is quite impressive. As usual, I sneaked a few photos, but most of them were blurry. Here's a couple to give a taste.


Pete said...

Great pictures, Rick. But I suppose that means there'll be no produce blogging for Friday.


Well, I'll just have to muddle through somehow.

I was in Washington DC a year ago but didn't blog about it until a couple of months ago here, here, and here. I didn't make it to the Phillips Collection but maybe next time.

Have a great and safe trip.

D. B. Light said...

I'm glad the impressionists impressed you, but I thought that you weren't allowed to take cameras into the exhibit area.