Sunday, November 25, 2007


While in Columbus, my old buddy Dave Gamble invited Adam (my nephew) and me to go flying. It was a blast!

This was taken just after doing a loop and a roll.


Nicole P. said...

Hey Rick
I checked out your nephew's page. A good eye for photography must run in your family.
I wish my family passed along something good like that. Our famly is well known for being b*tchy, judgemental snobs, but good cooks. I would take photography over that anyday.

Rebecca Burch said...

That last photo says it all! *g*

You're a brave dude, Rick.

Richard said...

Do I see where the co-pilot's last name on that craft is "Gamble"? Not exactly a great last name for someone who's shoulder rolling at 10,000 feet.

DaveG said...

Hey, now. It wasn't anywhere near 10,000 feet. Oh, that actually argues against my case.

Never mind. :-)

The name on the side of the canopy was a bribe for my daughter. She was fond of the plane we had before the RV-6, and cried when I told her that we were selling it. Once I told her that she could have her name on the new one, she was far more enthusiastic about the change.