Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Are... Marshall -- Premiere, Part 1

The world premiere of the new Warner Bros. movie "We Are... Marshall" was held this evening in Huntington, WV. Stuff like this doesn't happen every day around here so it was a pretty big deal.

People lined up really early in the day to get access to the "green carpet".

Matthew McConaughey is the star. The former "sexiest man alive" drew quite a reaction from the crowd.

People tell me that Matthew Fox is a big TV star. Since I've never watched his shows, I'll have to take their word for it. The gentleman next to him is Red Dawson, who Fox portrays in the film.

This is Kate Mara who you may have seen on "24" or in the film "Brokeback Mountain".

Anthony Mackie.

I'll post more photos tomorrow. It's late and I'm going to bed.
UPDATE: Many more premiere photos in this archive. Scroll down.


Anonymous said...

Rick's new career: papparozzo.

Please, just don't let it interfere with Produce Blogging.

(Though I do like pictures of movie stars!)

kenju said...

Please tell me that Matthew McC's hairstyle is for another movie - because it looks horrible!

You have never seen "Lost?" I can't believe it! The scenery alone is worth a look, most nights.

So, did you see the Premiere? Is the movie good?

Chris James said...

Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

Publisher Jack said...

For what it's worth, here's my review: The movie blew me away. It was a roller coaster ride of shock, sorrow, tears & laughter. Yes, a lot of laughter. The scenes involving WVU were priceless & touching. What McG did was nothing short of amazing. Here's a guy who was charged with a daunting task -- tell the story of 75 lives that were lost, do it in a manner that is true to life and respectful to the people of Huntington, and make sure that it is a commercial success. An almost impossible task but I think he pulled it off. A superb directorial achievement despite his lack of experience with drama. I was humbled by the film.