Friday, August 18, 2006

Kroger Wine Department

Fun... photographing wine bottles. How posh.


Dianne said...

Kroger is a grocery store, no? How did you get that lighting??

Rick Lee said...

Yes, Kroger is a large grocery store chain. I started out shooting those colorful foil caps because they caught my eye. It's difficult to shoot the actual wine bottles without light coming through the bottles. The shelves were closed on the back so there was no light coming through the bottles. After thinking about it for a bit, I stuck the camera back into the back of the shelf pointing out to the front and shot several photos. Some of them were pretty cool!

Jared said...

Those foil-wrapped bottles look like champagne (or, more likely, sparkling white wine) bottles.

Kroger is one of the nation's largest grocery store chains - where I'm from (Colorado), they're called King Soopers and City Market.

Here's a whole list:

Robert said...

Some really original takes on wine bottles, Rick. I like these.

You have probably been asked this before, but do you ask before you start taking photos in a grocery store? Ever get any trouble from store managers who think you are spying on them for a competitor?

Rick Lee said...

Yes, I get that question a lot. The answer is that all large stores have a policy against taking photos in the store. So, I don't bother asking permission. I just work very discreetly with a small camera and I don't let people see me. Adam was tracked by security in the Crate & Barrell on this shopping trip and he was asked to stop it. If any store employees get close to me I just move along. I think I've only been approached about it once in a Lowes store and I just said "oh sorry" and kept moving.

There's been a lot of discussion among photobloggers about our rights shooting in public places. You can't be told to stop photographing a building if you are on a public sidewalk for instance... but if you are inside the store, you don't have any rights. I know that I'm not hurting anybody so I just ignore the rules.

SippicanCottage said...

Rick, the photographs are excellent as usual.

I've always found liquor bottles displayed as one of the most interesting found still life tableauxs in everyday life. There's this riot of color and size and shape and heaviness and lightness and purpose I find endlessly interesting to look at. Where else can you name where you'll voluntarily sit and stare at a wall with wares on it?

They look marvelous, even if you not drinking any of them.

heidi said...

These are so seductively sumptous and saturated with color (dig the allieration?) that I believe you are trying to make me cry- I'm nursing my baby and alas can only have meager sips.

Seriously, these are lovely. If I owned a cafe I'd buy them:)

Super Babe said...

Wow... you certainly got some cool wine pictures at the Kroger! It makes it look super nice!

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