Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hummingbird Week

It's hummingbird week on the blogs! Apparently.
Blue Ridge Blog
& a better shot from Blue Ridge Blog


Toby said...

I'm working on getting my hummingbird photos uploaded as well! Stupidblogger seems to be having issues again. I'll comment again with the link to my pictures!

Rick Lee said...

Yes, do!

Toby said...

Finally got through! Taking pictures of the hummers really tests one's patience, hm? Enjoy!

Norm Seeley said...

You do some nice work.

Rick Lee said...

Thanks Norm... good to hear from you.

Joanna said...

That was fun! I've got at least 6 more nice shots ready to post over the next few days. -- Joanna (aka JoJo).

Juliet said...

I'm jealous! I tried for about an hour the other day to get a decent shot of a hummingbird on my hanging basket with my pocket digital and I couldn't get a good one. Maybe I could try dead bugs. At least they don't move!