Monday, January 02, 2006

Digital Camera Carnival

Welcome Digital Camera Carnival readers! The carnival this week is hosted by Don Giannatti. If you missed last week's carnival, my post was about my new pocket camera, the Fuji F10.

Scroll down to see lots of pictures. Most of the pictures on this blog after October 28th were taken with this Fuji.

UPDATE: Sorry for no photos these past two days. I slept most of yesterday and today I took the tree down, which of course means that absolutely nothing else got done today.


Insanity Infusion said...

~wink~ Oh I suppose we'll forgive you! :)

I finagled my inlaws into helping me take our tree down...and I'm SO jealous you had a day of sleeping!

I don't think I know what sleep is any more... ~sniffle~

Insanity Infusion

Mark said...

Rick, thanks for the print, my family enjoys it. (I'm glad to have been one of the lucky 10 in your giveaway, although I wish my luck had also gone to the Powerball drawing :)

And also thanks for the tip about the F10. I've used the Canon S410 (and before it the Elph film camera) to go along with my SLR, but the Canon didn't quite perform in low light as well as I like- although it was excellent in other aspects.

My wife gave me the F10 for Christmas, based on your writeup, and I can't be more pleased with it's work as high ISO. Very low noise and the on-camera flash is just about the best that I've seen, even though I'm not at all a flash-person.

Good luck in 2006!

Melissa said...

I visited the blog you linked and really enjoyed it!