Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Waiting in the Snow

It's weird to be posting this photo today because it got up into the 50's today and all the snow is gone. But this was taken only yesterday when the temp was in the single-digits. I thought it was striking that this lady was waiting for the bus and finding a touch of warmth in a shaft of light coming between two buildings.


Bob Ding said...

A lesser photographer, like myself, would have worried about including the whole of the lady in this picture. This is just such a nice composition. It leaves me to imagine the rest, while pointing me to the interesting bit.

Rick Lee said...

Thanks Robert. Just above the crop line is a street and buildings and all sorts of crap that destroys the composition. I shot it vertical also, but it just seemed so much better like this.

Saffron said...

This is really lovely!