Saturday, February 17, 2007

Greenbrier County Dawn

Once more, I get out before daylight to travel on location. The rising sun often compensates for the lack of sleep.


Barry Pike said...

This amazing shot was taken from the traffic lane?!?! Tell me it wasn't one of those one-handed drive-by shots that you took with the other hand on the wheel tooling around the corner at 60 mph.

Rick Lee said...

60mph? This is West Virginia. I think you'd get a ticket going that slow on the Interstate.

Sandra said...

Really pretty!! I think you should send this photo to Tanya in New Zealand so she can post it on her New Day blog! Check it out here:

She posted Carbineblog's pic from Hawaii and she posted a couple of mine from South Padre Island,Texas.

--Sandra from Texas

Trish said...