Friday, September 30, 2005

Red-Tail likes Coke

I was on a scouting trip at a Coca-Cola warehouse this morning when a red-tail hawk flew low over my car. I jumped out with a camera and telephoto and got a few shots. Alas, nothing extremely cool... but interesting nonetheless. The hawk perched on a lamp post for a long time. I waited patiently hoping to get a cool shot when it took flight, but it flew directly away from me. Coca-Cola has some nice wetlands on the property that is a haven for wildlife. The employees see all sorts of things like this.


Don Surber said...

I like these guys. They pick off pigeons. They also pick off Statehouse Squirrels. Now to get them to take care of teh deer and we're all set!

kenju said...

We have one in our neighborhood who takes care of voles and snakes.

Donna said...

Hey Rick,
I was showing your pictures to my fellow co-workers and we don't know where the coca cola warehouse is. Fill us in please.
Your cousin, Donna