Saturday, July 02, 2005

Produce Blogging Roundup

If you are new around here, you may have missed a lot of fruits and vegetables. Here are all the links back showing how we got started on the whole "produce oeuvre".
Produce Blogging #1
Produce Blogging #2
Produce Blogging #3
Produce Blogging #4 My personal favorite.
Produce Blogging #5
Produce Blogging #6
Grocery Blogging
Produce Blogging #7
Produce Blogging #8
Produce Blogging #9
Produce Blogging #10

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Kim said...

The very first thing that came to mind with the hole in the apple was it looked like a docking port on a planet....don't ask why and I haven't been drinking!

The cantaloupe (after my initial reaction of AGGGH!)
looks like a tiny starfish convention.

Thanks for putting up all the grocery shots, I had missed a few!

kenju said...

I saw them all; my favorite is the cantaloupe.

Nancy said...

So this is where my husband got the idea that some people only shop once a week! Thanks!

Your photos are very provocative. Much better than food cosmeticians can replicate.

Some Schmuck said...

I tried something similar a couple of weeks ago at Safeway. They don't like that.

I was told that picture taking in the store was not allowed without written permission of the public relations office in Clackamas.

Got a couple of good shots. Nothing like yours though.

Rick Lee said...

Yes... most stores have policies like that. I wouldn't try doing it with my big pro camera. I use a tiny little Pentax Optio S4i which has a remarkable super-macro mode. I try to keep a low profile and not do it while employees are too close. Even malls have policies about shooting pictures in the public spaces... but they only go after people who look "professional".

I got a call once from a nice fellow at a major financial firm who asked me to go to a new shopping center and take a picture of each of the storefronts. This firm owned the paper on the center so they needed this for the records. I went out to shoot this assignment and most of the stores managers came rushing out to find out what I was up to. No explanation was good enough... they had policies that you can't take pictures. Fortunately, by the time each manager made it out to see me, I had gotten the shots I needed so I would just say "Oh... OK.. sorry" and walk on.