Sunday, August 15, 2010

Produce Blogging #177

Because Thursday night is grocery night. I actually did shoot these this past Thursday, I'm just now getting around to posting.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, I love the lettuce image, the green is so vivid.
Thanks for sharing!

Pete said...

A triumphant return! Thanks, Rick. Beautiful images as only you can produce. (Heh.)

Speaking of produce, we have a new grocery store that opened near us, sort of a Whole Foods kinda vibe but not really. The produce aisle is an explosion of Technicolor. You'd have a field day with it.

Peruby said...

Hey! I forgot all about grocery night! I hope you didn't buy any of THAT corn!

Kyle @ Photo-Ventura said...

THE VEGIES ARE BACK!!!!!! HOORAY!!! I've been watching via RSS and your sunsets are nice... but your VEGIES are sublime!!!

Rick Lee said...

Yep, that corn was yucky looking.