Sunday, June 21, 2009

Andy Matics, Eagle Scout

The ceremony was very moving... a lot of tears all around.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm married to an Eagle Scout. It's about the only thing you'll do as a teenager that you'll still be proud of during mid-life crisis.

Recently deceased Randy Pausch wrote about Eagle Scouts in his book "The Last Lecture." He noticed they made very good leaders in his class. He sees the achievement of Eagle as the triumph of earnestness over hipness.

Congrats to this young man!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

And, lest I neglect it, Congratulations to Mom and Dad [I presume]. Looks like the gentleman, sporting the Order of the Arrow, has been a troop leader. Lovely.

Rick Lee said...

"Triumph of ernestness over hipness". Love that.