Thursday, January 15, 2009

Produce Blogging #155

Because Thursday night is grocery night!


Jerry Pennington said...

I like the pineapple photo

Joanna said...

The potatoes got me. I was trying to figure out what they were...little beans or peas in little tiny bags? Some sort of nut? And, then I realized it wasn't a close-up like usual. Heh.

Pastor_Jeff said...

The strawberry photo looks like a shower scene from a movie.

"Just then, the paring knife came down and..."

pundette said...

Call me crazy, but I just scrolled through about 3.5 years of produce -- beautiful! -- looking for yams. My husband and I saw a large vat of them at the store the other night and I was fascinated. He said if I were a photographer I could photograph them. I'm not. I haven't found any yams here. So next time you stop at the store, could you do some yams?

I'm almost afraid to start looking at your flower photos.