Friday, December 12, 2008

Dawn on Bridge Road

I really had to hurry to get the camera out before the light changed.


Anonymous said...

I'm an photographer(one of many incarnations) as well, and found myself crossing the interstate bridge going south on evening at sunset and could not believe the beautiful sky to the west. I pulled out my camera and started snapping out the window, then returned north a few minutes later, snapping out the other window. I got 2 shots that are amazing. Dangerous, maybe, but oh so worth it. Please welcome yourself to my spot,
for some Charleston culinary goodness. Ta!!

Joanna said...

Great shot. Everyone, please make sure you click on the photo and see the larger version!

Roberta said...

I'm away for one week in Florida and you post so many beautiful pictures!

Glad to be back and able to gawk.

Super Babe said...

What an amazing picture- the colors came out great!!!!