Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blues Traveler at the Regatta

No, that's not Blues Traveler, that's my old buddy Steve Payne who was singing in the opening act, Soul Doctor. He just shaved his beard off and now he looks (to me) just like his brother.

Below is another old buddy, Mike Keller. When we spotted each other, the crowd...

...had really started to crush in and there was no way we could get close to each other.

There's Popper! The concert was great, but really I was standing right in front of the speakers and I'm not sure what they were playing. I should have taken some earplugs.

Kanawha Boulevard was really rockin' tonight.


Anonymous said...

Uh gee, thanks for the portrait. :P Nice shots of the acts, though. I was right in front of Popper, and a lot of the harp and guitar sounded like mush. Probably just too close. The bass and drums were coming through loud and clear, I bet that six string bass was heavy!


Rick Lee said...

Feel free to use the portrait... I think it's one of the best pictures of you I've ever seen! :) When that guy hit the kick drum at the beginning of the show, I swear it knocked me back physically. The rest of the show was just a blur. I left after a few songs because I was really getting a little worried about the crowd. The security guy told me that the night before, people up front were being pushed over the security wall.

The Queen B or KBax, your choice said...

Wow! BT played our local ballpark August 10, and the crowd was nothing like the one you describe - in numbers or behavior!

I've never seen them perform before, much to the chagrin of my brother who is an ardent fan and friend of the guys. So for the cost of a $5.00 lawn seat at the ball game, I thought I'd give them a try, and I have to say they sounded really good! Not too loud (and I brought my ear plugs, just in case!) although Popper lost his voice on one song.

Anyway, you can check out the pix I got that night, if you're interested!

Here's are archive pix on my other blog of my bro with the guys, just for fun!

** Sometimes the world is smaller than you know! **

Rick Lee said...

Cool Kbax! It looks like The Popper was a good bit thinner in 04.

Lawrence said...

Some great pics of the band from you both. Thanx for posting them. I guess the free show thing did bring in a few people. I have gone to shows in the last couple years where they didn't draw well, which is a shame.
My guess is you are right reality about Tad on his six string bass.
As a basebal fan, I would have killed to go see a ballgame and BT, and for 5 dollars.