Thursday, April 10, 2008

Produce Blogging #121

Because Thurday night is grocery night!
Some of you know that I'm traveling this week, but I went shopping earlier in the week and stockpiled a few photos.


Carletta said...

YES! I saw you were traveling and didn't expect any produce so this is a wonderful surprise.
I love the fruit cup and that cabbage leaf looks like a piece of meat!
Rick, I didn't get by earlier today and since produce night is up early I just know Pete is going to say something about me getting here first! :)

b13 said...

You caught some of my most favorite wildlife here! Asparagus (makes pee-pee fun), artichokes (slow succulence with a delicious heart ending) and yellow squash (my veggie aliole would not be complete without it).

I thought that was a nicely marbled piece of beef for a minute but then remembered it is produce shots :)

Anna said...

This always makes me feel like eating veggies! Have a good trip!

fishing guy said...

Rick: I love the cabbage and the squash. Great colors and shape.

Pete said...

carletta said:

". . .I just know Pete is going to say something about me getting here first!"

Pete says:


carletta also said:

". . .since produce night is up early. . ."

Pete says:

"D'oh! Who knew? I could've been getting my Friday started on Thursday evenings!"

But produce night isn't about what the lovely carletta and I have to say; it's about Rick's photographs and these are another wonderful collection. I'm with fishing guy on the favorites. The cabbage leaf looks like an aerial view from a NASA space probe over an alien planet.

Thanks, Rick! Now, on with the day.

(And stay safe in your travels.)

Mandolin said...

I think the fruit in the cup desperately wants out. They are starting to sweat their future. I bet they are jealous of the free roaming cabbage and asparagus.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Mandolin beat me to it, but those were my thoughts exactly on #1.

The poor fruits look like their faces are mashed up against a cold, glass wall. "Mmmmph ... Air! Can't ... breathe... sss-ssso c-c-c-cold..."

I didn't know strawberries could look tragic and desperate.