Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stamped Flats

Am I stupid? I see this sign every time I go into the post office but I don't know what a "stamped flat" is.


Grumpy Old Man said...

You ain't stupid, my friend.

The USPS decided to charge more for taller, wider envelopes ("flats"). To calculate the rate, you no longer look just to weight, but to a combination of size and weight.

We use a lot of "brochure size" (6x9, about) envelopes because they hold a bit more paper, and are still given the lower rate.

OK, now you can tell me what "gamma" is.

Dave in Tucson said...

Gamma (Γ, γ) is the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet.

mrs whatsit said...

It does call up a mental picture of somebody stamping on a package until it's flat enough to fit in the slot!

That reminds me of a sign I see from time to time on secured buildings: "This Door is Alarmed." I can't help glancing around to try to find out what's scaring the poor door so badly.

Jerry Pennington said...

I thought flats were just two-sided items like postcards or direct mail pieces that aren't in an envelope.

Joanna said...

Dave in Tuscon: funny!