Sunday, September 07, 2008

World's Strongest Man Competition - Part 2


Will said...

The little girl in the last picture is just about the cutest thing ever. Aww.

Jason Means said...

Love the top shot, Rick. That vantage point really gives good scale to just how high that bar was at the keg toss. I'd do lucky just to roll the kegs under that bar, much less throw them over top of it.

SmileyTD said...

If I remember correctly, you were the fella' that was standing beside my sister and I on the bank during the Keg Toss. (I was the one who kind of butted into a conversation about a fellow doing cartwheels across the lawn. We decided that it wasn't a young boy- remember? lol)

Once before, I accidentally ran onto your photoblog and was in awe from the moment I laid eyes on it. This is my second time stumbling upon it and I'm just as amazed. Your photography is stunning.