Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weird Caterpillar

I'm not sure what this is... is this a dagger moth caterpillar?


B.A. said...

I'm not sure but here is a website to some Pix.
They call it the WV Caterpillar.
I like 'um a bit more fluffy.
That little fellow has work and feeding to do...bless his tiny soul.

Rick Lee said...

I've looked around the web and I think it MUST be a Dagger Moth... but most of the pictures look slightly different from this one.

Rick Lee said...

My bug expert has weighed in:
I think it's a "tessellated tussock moth" caterpillar (what a cool-sounding
name for an insect, don't you think?)

If you notice, the long black and tufts (known as "hair pencils") in the
front are close to the head, whereas in the dagger moth they are farther

Peggy K. Powell
Pesticide Regulatory Programs
West Virginia Department of Agriculture