Friday, February 03, 2006

Big Brown Eyes


stacey abshire said...

did you tweak with her eyes in this shot? I like ths one better than the other one... I think it's the eyes, fakle or not. Very striking.

Rick Lee said...

Well... there's a couple of things going on in this shot vs. the other shot. The girl and the dog are closer together in this shot so I could get them both in focus. In the previous shot, the dog was in focus but the girl was a touch out of focus. The lighting is also a little more frontal so that the eyes are better lit. I did retouch the eyes just a little bit. I normally do that with darker eyes because cameras generally make the eyes a little too dark on fair skinned people. I liked both shots for different reasons. I started to post them both yesterday but then I decided that they were too much alike. Today I decided that the world had to see this one too. This little girl was modeling for a magazine cover on Wednesday and she was just delightful to work with... the dog wasn't part of that shoot... but it was such a great looking little puppy I just had to get some like this.