Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Here's some of my morning coffee friends at Taylor Books trying to guess Mystery #20. Unlike Robert Ding of the UK, they were stumped.


kenju said...

What are the little red bits, then?

Rick Lee said...

They are brown on my computer. They are your normal little bits of fiber or whatever that you see in whole wheat bread. This is Nature's Own Double Fiber so there's a lot of that stuff in there.

Lisa said...


Great pictures and great blog! I'm from WV. Seeing the pics of downtown Charleston and the surrounding area does my heart good. I have a brother and an aunt living in South Charleston and more family toward Clay County.

When you mentioned the person who wanted to change the name to "The Diamond" I knew why immediately. I have fond memories of my aunt taking me to the Diamond when I was a little girl.

Thanks for bringing back nice memories.