Saturday, August 06, 2005

Muggy surfing

Big mug... free wi-fi... Taylor Books. I wonder what he's listening to?


Kim said...

Oh wow, I checked out the older posts - what a great place! We have a few around here, but none with the atmosphere of Taylor Books. How did your morning coffee group come together?

Rick Lee said...

"How did your morning coffee group come together?" That's the funny thing... it just sort of happened organically. I had been going in there for years sitting alone and reading my Wall Street Journal and I was completely happy with this arrangement. But a friend of mine started sitting with me and reading and then some other folks met some other folks and one group merges with another group until you have a whole group of regulars who all sit together rather than at different tables. It's a very eclectic group. The conversation is always fun and interesting. Lately my photography business has had me leaving town early on jobs every day and I miss my pals.